ASTRON 449: Stellar Dynamics, Fall 2014

Syllabus. Office hour is Fridays 11-12.

Instructions for final presentations

Lecture materials:

Lecture 1 slides: course intro and galaxy phenomenology

Slides on surface brightness profiles and N-body simulations

An interactive Barnes-Hut tree

Paper on energy-conserving adaptive gravitational softening:

Paper on softening as a smoothing operation:

GADGET-2 (TreePM) code paper (including section 5 on parallelization strategies):

Code paper for the moving-mesh hydro code Arepo:

GIZMO code paper, describing new Godunov-based meshless methods (also contains a useful summary of other hydro algorithms):

Our treatment of the Boltzmann and Jeans equations will closely follow Paul Schechter’s lecture notes, available at

Problem sets: (links removed)

Problem set 1, due Oct. 14.

Problem set 2, due Oct. 28.

Problem set 3, due Nov. 11.

Problem set 4, due Nov. 25.